Behnam Bakhshandeh is an accomplished business manager and business development professional also known widely as a dynamic personal and business coach. He produces extraordinary results in record time as a passionate, visionary leader. Behnam brings broad experience and success to each project, whether it involves personal development or implementing customer-focused programs, integrating technologies, marketing, redesigning operational core processes or delivering strategic initiatives.

Since Behnam founded Primeco Consulting in year 2001, he and his team members have helped countless businesses and individuals not only achieve their goals but transform their thinking. His proven methodology is based on his extensive experience in business and human relations.

Before establishing Primeco Consulting, Behnam managed operations for three years and led programs for seven years for a global educational organization. He personally worked with more than tens of thousands of participants. He was accountable for expanding customer participation, training program leaders, increasing sales, improving the finance department’s efficiency and managing the overall operations for the staff as well as more than 400 volunteers who served up to 10,000 customers annually in two major cities.

As project manager for multiple Federal construction projects, Behnam managed projects to successful completion consistently ahead of deadline. He increased production fourfold from 1994 to 1998. In 1990 he started a residential construction business. By 1994 he had made it one of the most respected and reliable businesses of its type in the Los Angeles area. This experience followed a successful project in 1986 for a Fire Protection company. After Behnam redesigned the production line, production increased 25 percent during the first year and continued upward for each of the following four years.

Behnam consistently produces and causes others to produce results beyond what is predictable or expected. This exceptional business and personal growth is the result of integrity, unprecedented teamwork, open communication and a contagious, unflinching commitment to excellence across the board—in all business operations, personal relationships and professional interactions.

Behnam dedicates his life to his three children, Renee, Shima and Behzad. He lives in Encinitas, California.


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